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How To Choose A Qualified Knob?

Pulished on Jul. 15, 2019

At present, in the electric material market, whether it is a wire or a socket or a knob, there are domestically produced ones, and there are also high-end ones. Also, there are different materials of knobs, Zinc Alloy Knob, which is the mostly used by people.

Zinc Alloy Knob

Zinc Alloy Knob

The quality of the knob is about home safety, so when you are decorating your home, it is a sloppy thing to buy quality products. You must not hold the attitude of "as long as it is cheap." Pay attention to the brand. At least we must choose a qualified knob, such as ISO9001 Zinc Alloy Knob that is a good one. Consumers' awareness of the difference between knob and socket brands is still weak, and good brands, quality and after-sales service are relatively guaranteed. Be sure to check if the goods are "documents". Certificate of conformity: The content has the origin, the name or trademark, the model or name, the date of the factory, the employee number, etc.; the product manual: the product should be marked with the use, installation and maintenance methods, and a warranty book.