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Car Knob Shift

Car Knob Shift

Pulished on Jul. 13, 2019

When I first saw the Knob shift lever, I was shocked by the knot: when the car was started, the knob was raised. After the flame was turned off, the knob would descend and form a plane with the center console. At that time, the bandit's brother was directly stunned and felt that it was too refined. Later, when the world saw more, it would be calm, but it did not prevent me from continuing to appreciate its beauty.

The knob shift was first applied to the Jaguar XF model. At present, many models of Jaguar and Land Rover use knob-type shift levers. In fact, the knob type bar is also an electronic bar, but the shape and shift mode are different, but their principle is the same.

The electronic gear lever adopts a safer and faster electronic control mode, unlike the straight-type gear lever, which is prone to misalignment during blind operation. The advantage of the electronic shift of the knob is that the driver's misplaced file will be judged by the computer whether it will damage the transmission, thus better protecting the transmission and correcting the driver's wrong habits.

Since they are all such high-tech settings, the natural price is not cheap, and the knob shifts are mostly used to compare high-end, luxury brand models. However, there is a market for demand, there is a high price for cabbage, and there is always a match for your taste.