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Changan Benben With Shift Paddles And Knob Bar

Changan Benben With Shift Paddles And Knob Bar

Pulished on Jul. 06, 2019

As a mini-car, Changan Benben has a high degree of attention in the same class, especially after the change, the overall quality of Benben has changed.

Benben's appearance is a kind of more fashionable and dynamic type, it is easy to please young people, coupled with the improvement of the whole car process, in Abin's view, this car is fully capable of leading domestic mini-cars.

In terms of power, Benben is equipped with a 1.4L naturally aspirated engine with a maximum horsepower of 101 horsepower and a maximum torque of 135 Nm. It is matched with a 5-speed manual transmission or a 5-speed AMT automatic transmission.

There is a very surprising design on the Benben: the automatic transmission models come standard with shift paddles and Knob-type shifts that used to only appear on luxury cars. With these two configurations, it is enough for the small partners. 

However, there is a point that the AMT automatic transmission equipped with this Benben has a slow shifting speed and a strong sense of frustration. Even with the shift paddles, the improvement is not very obvious, and the AT/CVT gearbox on the high-grade models is obvious. The difference is that you don't expect too much. If you just want to liberate your left foot, it doesn't matter.