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Introduction of Classic Oval Gear Shift Knob

Introduction of Classic Oval Gear Shift Knob

Pulished on Feb. 23, 2019

This Classic Oval Gear Shift Knob is made of all-aluminum alloy, finely carved, currently has MC131 aluminum shell plastic core on the market, the center is only 1MM wall thickness aluminum or copper core, the screw is easy to slip. Some potentiometers have large torque, plastic can not withstand, 1MM wall thickness of the screw can not bear. Strong lock will slip your teeth.

At present, the newly developed Plastic Oven Rotary Switch of the company are all-aluminum alloy, and the whole is made of aluminum rods, which greatly improves the locking problem of large torque potentiometers. There will be no slipping, and the lock will not be tight. LYB-1 or LYB-2 has 9mm long teeth and 6-8MM stainless steel hexagonal machine screws. It is high-grade and elegant, greatly improving the product grade and will give you unexpected results. If your machine market price is 200 yuan with a few plastic knobs, it doesn't look good enough. If you use the all-aluminum knob, it greatly improves the grade of your love machine, and the effect is outstanding. Just say that you don't raise the unit price, that is, the two machines are put together, the eyes of the masses will also look at the products with grades, and the sales of your products double, this is what you want.

Classic Oval Gear Shift Knob