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The Subtleties Of Color Plastic Audio Volume Knob

The Subtleties Of Color Plastic Audio Volume Knob

Pulished on Dec. 21, 2018

The Color Plastic Audio Volume Knob itself is very subtle, and it can only output one quantity difference by pressing the switch. The knob may correspond to several quantitative quantities, or a limited range such as “0-10”. For example, the common volume knob will allow the user to make any adjustments within a certain value, and the desired volume can be obtained with a single rotation, which is not possible by pressing the up and down buttons.

Because of this feature, when you use the Aluminum Oven Rotary Switch to adjust the volume, you will not carefully look at the above scale information (some even the scale is not), perhaps you do not care about the size of the number, but will use both ears Come to "find" a just right voice.

A similar experience can also be felt from the desk lamp, we will adjust the brightness and brightness by rotating, but in fact, it is also to find the right light source by both eyes, instead of paying attention to the specific digital scale or color temperature range.

If it is a product that truly pursues texture, it will also pay attention to the damping of the knob, in order to allow the user to adjust the feel to the position he wants more accurately, whether it is a paragraph-type Snapton or a smooth change. It will make people laugh and play with love.

Color Plastic Audio Volume Knob