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Durable Black Aluminum Alloy Volume Knob Production Process

Durable Black Aluminum Alloy Volume Knob Production Process

Pulished on Nov. 28, 2018

For many years, we have been adhering to the concept of product first, the ultimate pursuit of development, we are consistent. A whole piece of aluminum rod, which is finally formed into a Durable Black Aluminum Alloy Volume Knob, also requires multiple passes. First, the aluminum rod is cut and then processed into small pieces of aluminum by knurling and the like. It is then machined in the CNC process.

Next is the polishing trilogy.

Rough to remove the rough surface of the surface, to throw a nearly completely smooth surface, and finally to achieve a smooth bright surface after fine polishing.

After grinding.

Make the OEM Kitchen Gas Cooker Knob eventually form a flat, smooth surface. Then, using the same sandblasting process as the iPad, it creates a superb matte texture that is visible and sensible, while giving it a natural softness and a more aesthetic appeal.

Next anode coloring process

It is the color set for the knob, and the process also guarantees the high quality and natural color of the color.

At last.

The laser laser engraving machine engraves the latest LOGO interface information and scale marks on the knob.

This is the end.

After the knobs were packed, they waited quietly and were sent to all parts of the world.

Durable Black Aluminum Alloy Volume Knob