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The Humanized Design Gas Cooker Shift Zinc Knob

The Humanized Design Gas Cooker Shift Zinc Knob

Pulished on Jan. 10, 2019

We often hear that various manufacturers have to do "humanized design", but they understand the humanization, but often give some kind of awkward design. Such as those that are known as ergonomic keyboards and mice. Of course, there are also real humanized designs, such as the iPad2 that people miss. The tilting of its back edge makes it an unconventional form that still evokes the desire of people to pick it up.

Going back to the Gas Cooker Shift Zinc Knob of this floor lamp, let's do an experiment in the brain - imagine this floor lamp, assuming it is a normal push-down switch. At the moment of opening, you will not have time to pay attention to the changes in the light and darkness, and naturally miss the beauty of the process from dark to bright. When I twisted the ISO9001 Gas Cooker Chrome Control Knob, the light gradually filled the room with my hand.

This process is my communication with the machine. I deeply feel that I am involved in this change, instead of simply opening it. Even better, its rotation is also linked to changes in light. From darkness to light, the mood is roughly the same.

Gas Cooker Shift Zinc Knob