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The Experience Of Gas Cooker Shift Zinc Knob

The Experience Of Gas Cooker Shift Zinc Knob

Pulished on Dec. 26, 2018

A typical example is the first batch of Atari game consoles in the 1970s. At that time, the joystick and the arrow keys were not yet born, and all the controls were given to the Gas Cooker Shift Zinc Knob. Although it can only control two directions, compared to the button, the degree of rotation of the knob can output a more precise movement variable, which is enough to play a simple 2D plane game like PONG.

This is the immersive experience that the knob brings to focus on the information itself, or, under this continuity control, we naturally produce this intuitive behavior because our ears and eyes are already ahead of time. The result was a response.

Even with such a subtle design, the knobs are rarely seen on products such as mobile phones or computers. Nowadays, the common equipment is not mentioned, smartphones, laptops, we basically can not see the figure of the ISO9001 Gas Cooker Chrome Control Knob. Even in the era when touch screens have not become standard, knobs are not the preferred interaction solution for most products.

But the knob is not completely extinct, you can still see it in some specific places, such as the ECG monitor in the hospital, or the mixer in the school radio room, this kind of professional equipment is still indispensable. Controllers of all sizes; and some consumer electronics products also recognize the intuitive, ready-to-use features behind the knobs, so it is also used as an auxiliary interaction scheme.

Gas Cooker Shift Zinc Knob