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About Gas Stove Knob Switch

Pulished on Sep. 24, 2019

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A gas stove refers to a kitchen appliance that is heated by direct fire with a gaseous fuel such as liquefied petroleum gas (liquid), artificial gas, or natural gas. The gas stove is also called the hob, and its popularity is unknown. The gas stove is the kitchen appliance that we use every day. When the gas stove is working, the gas enters the stove from the intake pipe and is adjusted by the gas valve (the user passes the knob) Adjusted) into the burner, while mixing a part of the air (this part of the air is called primary air), these mixed gases are ejected from the fire hole of the firearm and ignited by the ignition device to form a flame (the air required for combustion) These are secondary air) which are used to heat the cookware placed on the pan holder. The most important part of the gas stove is the knob, which controls the size of the switch and the fire. The knob is a hand-controlled manual component. According to the functional requirements, it is divided into several consecutive rotations, and the rotation angle can reach 360°; it can also be used for positioning rotation. Classification The shape can be divided into a circular knob, a polygonal knob, a pointer knob, a manual dial, and the like. A common circular protrusion, disc or dial engraved with one or a series of marks on the edge that can be rotated or pushed out to initiate and manipulate or control something.

Gas Stoves Convert Zinc Knobs

Gas Stoves Convert Zinc Knobs

Rotary switches are mainly installed on liquid and gas lines to regulate the flow and pressure of liquids and gases. In use, the handle is rotated to drive the adjusting nut to rotate, and the left-hand thread is connected with the left-hand thread of the valve to drive the valve to the right or left to change the cross-sectional area of the right-side hole passage in the valve body cavity, thereby adjusting the liquid and gas in the upper outlet pipe. The size of the flow and pressure.

What are the materials for the gas stove knob switch?

1.Zinc alloy

Zinc alloy has the advantages of long life, high temperature resistance and no oil. At present, the most high-grade knob material, zinc alloy mainly includes zinc-aluminum alloy, zinc-magnesium alloy, etc., such as U-M, Boss, Fangtai, Vantage and other big brands, such as Gas Stoves Convert Zinc Knobs.

2.ABS material

ABS is a common plastic material with good heat resistance, heat dissipation and toughness. Generally, the ABS material is transparent. Our common bright silver is electroplated. If you buy a poor quality gas stove, the surface coating may fall off.

3. Glue wood quality

The rubber-wood knob has a lower price, good insulation, hard material and high temperature resistance, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to stick to oil, it is difficult to clean up, and it is easy to damage and screw off after a long time, and the service life is not as good as the first two. The material is long.

It is obvious that zinc alloy is the best material for the knob, and it is also practical. I suggest you choose it. The price of the gas stove with ABS material is also relatively low. If it is a rental house, it can also be selected. Glue wood quality can be said to be the cheapest material. At present, the cheapest cooker on the market has no bakelite, and it is easy to unscrew after being heated.

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