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How To Remove The Gas Stove Switch Knob?

Pulished on Jul. 29, 2019

Do you know how to remove the OEM Gas Cooker Zinc Knobs? Today we would like to share with you the methods to remove the gas cooker zinc knobs.

OEM Gas Cooker Zinc Knobs

OEM Gas Cooker Zinc Knobs

Turn the gas stove in reverse and have a nut unscrewed from the inside. The notch of the knob is opposite to the notch of the rotating rod. After the notch is pressed, press it with a little force to fit it in place. The inner hole of the cooker knob generally has a circlip, and the inner hole of the knob is aligned with the knob and pressed hard. 

1. Pulled out the switch knob for a long time, never removed it, the inside is too dirty, plus the usual cleaning and brushing and overflowing pots, etc., causing the assembly and the knob to contact the screw rust And then the knob is not easy to pull, you can pull the knob and pull it upwards. When the embedded iron gas cooker is cooking, even the knob switch is burned black.

2. First confirm that you are a stainless steel panel. It is very simple. If you use it, the temperature is very high. If it is not the left side assembly and the burner connection position, the tempering (not leaking) will cause the tempering. The panel burns black.