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What Should We Pay Attention To When Using A Household Oven?

Pulished on Jul. 26, 2019

Household ovens make our diet more diverse. What should we pay attention to when using household ovens? Answered by ISO9001 Oven Knob Supplier today for you.

ISO9001 Oven Knob

ISO9001 Oven Knob

1. Preheat the oven before use.

In fact, the principle of preheating the oven is similar to burning hot oil before the fried egg. The cold food is hot, and the gas in the food can quickly generate expansion force. The food thus cooked will not lose too much moisture and will be greatly reduced in taste.

2. Don't reverse your ISO9001 Oven Knob.

Unless the oven instructions mention that the reverse oven knob is the correct way to operate, don't try it easily.

3. The location of the baking tray is very important.

Ordinary embedded ovens are generally divided into upper, middle and lower three levels. In most cases, place the baking tray in the middle of the oven so that the food is most evenly baked. It is also convenient for you to observe the shape of the food and decide whether to adjust the temperature or turn the food over.

4. The treatment of food over-focus.

It is best to put the baking tray on the middle layer. In addition, you can put a layer of tin foil on the food. In the middle of the baking process, open the oven from time to time to view, move the seat, and master the food maturity in real time. Allow the oven to dissipate heat and avoid overheating.

5. To avoid burns.

When using the oven, use professional insulated gloves and try not to open the door facing the oven.