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Pulished on Sep. 19, 2018

Ningbo Lianggong Die Casting has been assisting client in developing and producing hardware products for 15 years. LG is an Original Equipment Manufacturer(OEM), where we make products bases on client specifications.

LG was founded in 2003. At the outset, we mainly processed the license plate frame for well-known domestic manufacturers.

Until 2005, we received a number of domestic orders of zinc and aluminum automotive built-in accessories.

By 2006, LG has become famous for its the zinc and aluminum alloy products. A well-known foreign hardware brand company found LG, and hoped LG could assist them in the development of new products, door and window handle series. It is worth mentioning that this well-known company has become the largest supplier of Liang Gong. Their support and trust to LG over the years is the biggest encouragement for LG. At that time, LG has stepped into the foreign hardware market with its nice service and quality.

In 2008, LG developed new products, knobs. And LG knob maintained good sales in the Middle East,the annual export volume can reach several million pieces. Meanwhile, the well-known domestic brand "Fangtai" also chose LG to do the processing for their products.

For various reasons, by 2010, LG put all the energy into the development of the door and window series. Until now, LG keeps developing dozens of door and window accessories every year.

LG, a factory dedicated to providing every customers nice service,  nice quality and the right price, will be a good choice for you.


Records of foreign business visits in the past half year:

Apr. Shanghai agent of one well-known British company visited LG Factory, shown them worker’s assembly line. They are willing to transfer some door and window series products to LG because of LG nice service, nice quality.

Apr. The CEO of British hardware company visited LG Factory, walked around our factory and talked about the trial order of door and window handles, products’ surface treatment and color.

Jun. The purchasing managers and designer of Taiwan company visited LG Factory, they were very satisfied with Production Process and hoped LG could assist them in developing their new product, microphone.

Jun. The purchasing managers of Algerian hardware company visited LG Factory, they satisfied with the production process of factory, left some samples of window and door handles.

Jul. The CEO of British hardware company came to LG Factory to check the door handle samples, and bring them back for Quality Inspection.

Jul. The boss, general manager and engineer of LG went on a business trip to Guangzhou, visited the Chinese agency of the Danish Hardware Company, exchanged and communicated about producing technical.

Aug. The old client, the business development director of UK hardware company came to NB and had dinner with LG general manger and marketing manager, discussed future cooperation intentions for other projects. 

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