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Interpretation of OEM Kitchen Gas Cooker Knob Knowledge

Interpretation of OEM Kitchen Gas Cooker Knob Knowledge

Pulished on Dec. 15, 2018

  Gas stoves are gas appliances that use the chemical energy of gas to convert to heat to cook and process food to meet the needs of the family. The gas stove is composed of a gas supply part, a combustion part and an auxiliary part, and the valve for controlling the OEM Kitchen Gas Cooker Knob in the gas supply part is an important part in the gas stove.

  The gas stove generally adopts a plug valve. The valve is composed of a cock and a valve body. The cone of the cock is provided with two sets of vent holes, the first group of vents is a gas source for the ignition device, and the second group of vents is for the burner. Gas source.

  The two sets of air holes respectively correspond to the air supply path of the valve body to the ignition device and the burner. When the OEM Gas Cooker Single Iron Knobs is pressed, turn the knob to the left to drive the cock to rotate 90 degrees. At this time, the first group of air holes communicate with the valve body to the gas path of the ignition device to supply air to the ignition device, and the second group of holes The air hole communicates with the gas passage of the valve body to the burner to supply air; the ignition device ignites and ignites the burner; after the knob is released, the cock is disconnected from the ignition hole of the valve body under the action of the spring, and the ignition ends. At this time, the gas stove is in the state of maximum gas supply, and the heat emitted by the flame is the largest.

  When the Durable Black Aluminum Alloy Volume Knob continues to rotate to the left, the main air hole of the cock is gradually closed, and the flame is gradually reduced. When the temperature is 90 degrees, the main air hole is disconnected from the air hole of the valve body to the burner, and the fire hole and the valve body of the second group of air holes are opened. The pores of the burner are connected, because the gas supply amount of the fire hole is small, the flame is reduced, and the fire is maintained.

  Double-channel burner with double-ring fire, equipped with double-gas valve, when the stove is in the fire state, the valve body is closed to the outer ring fire hole, only the air hole leading to the inner ring fire is ventilated, so that the inner ring fires . It saves gas and is convenient to use.

  The gas supply part of the gas stove is based on the design flow of the burner, and supplies sufficient gas volume; the valve is a switch for controlling the gas stove, so the valve switch is required to be flexible, and the pipeline and the valve should be tight and airtight.

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