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The Volume Knobs Are Exaggerated?

The Volume Knobs Are Exaggerated?

Pulished on Jan. 26, 2019

The great gods who have been in the sound industry for a long time, when operating on various power amplifier devices, I don’t know if you have the same question as Xiaoling: no matter how large or small the device is, more than 90% of the equipment The OEM Plastic Volume Car Audio Knob appear on the top of the volume in a very large proportion. The main character of the entire device is the volume knob. Why do they have to do so? There must be a cause for it, and today I will talk to you about this inconspicuous but powerful volume knob.

In fact, the volume knob is bigger and smaller, it has no effect on the sound quality. The general sound device will make the volume adjustment button very exaggerated, mainly because it is convenient for more precise adjustment 40mm Aluminum Volume Car Audio Knob, otherwise it is too mini, and it is accidentally rotated. It will make a big change in the potential. Only if it is large enough and exaggerated, can the real effect of the potentiometer be exerted, not only the adjustment of the volume, but also the just-adjusted adjustment resistance.

OEM Plastic Volume Car Audio Knob