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OEM Plastic Volume Car Audio Knob Is Irreplaceable

OEM Plastic Volume Car Audio Knob Is Irreplaceable

Pulished on Jan. 07, 2019

For the car, although a whole piece of touch screen will appear more modern, but still the car factory insists on retaining the central control system with the OEM Plastic Volume Car Audio Knob as the core. From their perspective, the current touch screen interface will distract the driver. Attention, after all, safety is always considered at the first priority.

This is not a case. Many product categories that are still not Internetized, in addition to the professional instruments mentioned above, as well as classic radio or speaker products, and even some large household appliances, still retain the design of the knob, playing The only remaining heat.

For this reason, it is too early to say that the 40mm Aluminum Volume Car Audio Knob is dead. Its unique physical structure can still bring the interaction that traditional buttons can't. On some audio devices, the knob is not only a controller, but also a texture-enhancing layer of decoration. Product.

It is as if the automatic gear car is popular today, there are still people who are addicted to manual gear driving. The physical property of the physical button is not completely replaced by the touch screen.

OEM Plastic Volume Car Audio Knob