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What Should Do If The Plastic Oven Rotary Switch Is Broken?

What Should Do If The Plastic Oven Rotary Switch Is Broken?

Pulished on Feb. 27, 2019

If you turn on the Classic Oval Gear Shift Knob and can hear the sound of the fire, turn the gas stove back to see the size of the spark. If there is no spark, see if the high-voltage line connecting the discharge needle is off. If everything is normal but it won't catch fire, you need to replace the spark assembly. If the spark is small, the distance between the discharge needle and the outlet valve can be appropriately adjusted. If the distance is too small, it will discharge at low voltage, and the discharge energy is low; if the distance is too large, it will not fire more than the distance of the fire! When adjusting, it should be adjusted while firing until the spark is maximum.

The Plastic Oven Rotary Switch of the fire is rusted, unable to move or turn hard. At this time, you can tap it properly, and at the same time drop a little sewing machine oil or transformer oil, and slowly rotate until it can rotate flexibly. If it still does not work, only replace the fire. Assembly. The electronic ignition switch fails, generally the battery has no electricity or the switch is not in good contact.

Plastic Oven Rotary Switch