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Rotary Switch Brings Great Convenience To Life

Pulished on Aug. 19, 2019

Here is a Metal Knob Factory talking about rotary switch brings great convenience to life.

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Zinc Alloy Shift Oven Knobs

Zinc Alloy Shift Oven Knobs

If you talk about the switch, it's not difficult to understand, but if you talk about the rotary switch, you can really hear that the second monk is not confused. In fact, this switch uses a rotating handle to make the main contact. One of the switches for on-off control. The application of the rotary switch greatly facilitates people's lives. In terms of types, they can be roughly divided into two types: unipolar unit structure and multi-pole multi-bit structure.

Friends may not know that the rotary switch is a quadrature optical encoder that replaces the pure digital device of the analog potentiometer. This product brings real value to people both in appearance and in use. . In particular, the shape is similar to that of a conventional resistive switch. Although similar, the internal structure is absolutely different. This switch can be directly connected to the encoder processing chip.

In everyone's daily life, no matter which friend, it is essential to deal with electrical appliances. In fact, everyone knows very well that there are many electrical appliances. It is more convenient to use a rotary switch than an ordinary switch. For example, electric appliances such as electric fans, etc., this switch is quickly recognized by people. It has brought great convenience to people's lives and won the welcome of new and old customers.

Therefore, once the rotary switch was introduced, it caused widespread concern. Because of its good appearance and high practical value, it gradually replaced the traditional resistive switch. I believe that in the near future, the rotary switch will Their own unique advantages will be more applied to people's lives.

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