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The Importance Of Round Black Aluminum Alloy Knob

The Importance Of Round Black Aluminum Alloy Knob

Pulished on Dec. 19, 2018

The Round Black Aluminum Alloy Knob is already half a body buried in the grave, which must have been believed no one believed ten years ago.

You may remember the old-fashioned radio that almost every household had when you were young, and the silver cylindrical knob was evenly engraved with scales. One of the joys of childhood is to slap the knobs on one side, the sizzling currents and the vocal sounds and music sounds on the radio alternate with the rotation, as if the sound waves with emotions have been staggered and there is no end.

Maybe not on the radio, but a similar feeling, I promise you must have felt.

The OEM color Aluminum Audio Volume Knob is not an invention that changes the world, but it does what the button does.

As a mechanical construction, the knob has not been tested on which device. Maybe a telegraph machine in the last century? Or a oscilloscope? It may also be a radio or a TV later, which is naturally born on electronic devices like many buttons, and then gradually became popular as a part of the electronic dashboard, and has been used as a controller.

Round Black Aluminum Alloy Knob