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Vintage Knob

Vintage Knob

Pulished on Jul. 01, 2019

After the mechanical sense, I used a variety of minimalist products, I suddenly felt a trace of this word.

Sometimes, the words mechanical mean a feeling of timelessness. For example, mechanical watches generally do not have quartz gauges, but they are undoubtedly more valuable for collections. For example, mechanical keyboards are older than membrane keyboards, but still provide good hand and life that the latter cannot have.

Complex mechanical structures often mean more difficult designs and higher costs, or more space. Once there is a cheaper, more versatile and simpler solution, the original mechanical structure will be difficult to sustain in the face of popular demand.

Take the volume Knob on the radio or the old TV as an example. This is an excellent human-computer interaction solution. But later, the volume knob was gradually replaced by the buttons in the upper and lower directions.