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What Should We Do If The Volume Knob Adjustment Does Not Work?

Pulished on Aug. 01, 2019

There are some problems with the audio for a long time, such as the speaker volume adjustment knob does not work. How to solve this problem? Color Plastic Audio Volume Knob Supplier shares with you the solutions below.

Color Zinc Audio Volume Knob

Color Zinc Audio Volume Knob

1. Regardless of whether the knob is turned to the minimum or maximum or any middle section, the speaker sound is the maximum volume at normal time.

2. When the knob is turned to the minimum or maximum, the sound is slightly smaller; when the knob is turned to any of the middle, the sound is slightly louder and the sound is slightly blemish.

3. The fault of the knob potentiometer has been eliminated. The resistance of the potentiometer is measured with a multimeter, and it is found that it can be uniformly changed with the rotation of the knob.

Maintenance method:

If the potentiometer is turned to the minimum, the input signal will be directly shorted to the ground, and no signal will be transmitted to the power amplifier. The amplifier is absolutely silent. According to the above, if the potentiometer is changed, it is still not adjusted. That is, the signal is not short-circuited to the ground, and the potentiometer is good. The only explanation is that the copper foil of the grounding end of the power amplifier board potentiometer is broken (or the link line is broken). The signal is not short-circuited to the ground (or there is a large resistance). If you find a speaker repair master or repair is not good, this shows that the master is not home.

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