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Zinc Alloy Gas Stove Knob Can Not Be Rotated

Zinc Alloy Gas Stove Knob Can Not Be Rotated

Pulished on Mar. 21, 2019

First, most of the situation is that the Zinc Alloy Gas Stove Knob of the main valve of the cooker is filled with moisture and impurities. Because it is a combination of copper and aluminum, the time is long, and the aluminum cap on the upper part of the main valve is not squirmed.

Second, if it can be ignited occasionally, there is still salvation, pull out the knob cover, and tap the sewing machine oil at the root of the Plastic Oven Rotary Switch to turn it on several times to lubricate it.

Third, open the cooker panel, use a screwdriver to unscrew the two small screws on the main valve, remove the section above the main valve, carefully clean the garbage, and add the lubricant to the active part, then you can.

Fourth, in the process of installation must remember the disassembly sequence, if the direction is reversed, it will not ventilate, just turn the copper valve inside the main valve to a position. Usually use this method to solve the above problems, if the above methods can not solve the actual problem, you contact the appliance maintenance staff.

Zinc Alloy Gas Stove Knob