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Gas Cooker Working Principle

Gas Cooker Working Principle

Pulished on Jan. 24, 2019

When the Zinc Alloy Gas Stove Knob is pressed and the small fire ignites, the thermocouple is heated by its flame to generate a thermoelectric potential. The thermoelectric potential is introduced into the electromagnetic coil through the wire, the magnetic field is generated to make the electromagnetic valve suck, the gas valve is opened, the combustion passage is opened, and the normal combustion is maintained. Once the wind or the soup overflows, the flame is extinguished, and the thermoelectric potential of the thermocouple is quickly lowered to Zero, the coil loses power, the solenoid valve fails, and it is quickly reset under the action of the spring. The valve closes the gas passage and terminates the air supply to ensure safety.

The ignition mode of the gas stove mainly includes electronic pulse ignition and piezoelectric ceramic ignition through operate Zinc Alloy Knob. The embedded stove adopts the electronic pulse ignition method. When it is fired at a certain position, its ignition hit rate is high, generally 100%, but this There is a need to change the battery. The desktop stove adopts the piezoelectric ceramic ignition mode, and the success rate of the ignition is greatly affected by the environmental humidity. When the ignition is required, the switch needs to be held down to catch the fire.

Zinc Alloy Gas Stove Knob