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Zinc Alloy Knob Is Different For AC and DC Control

Zinc Alloy Knob Is Different For AC and DC Control

Pulished on Nov. 01, 2018

When the Zinc Alloy Knob is used in AC power, the main way of speed regulation is to control it inductively. This kind of application is very wide, and many machines used in people's lives are used. It is very durable in use, and there is also a tap-type speed control method and a capacitive speed control method. These are widely used, variable frequency speed control mode and thyristor type speed control. There are some differences between the application of the method and the previous ones. It is best to use some people to understand this aspect.

In general, the speed switch used in small and medium-sized electrical appliances is basically the kind of direct current, and the control method of the armature loop resistance has a wide range of use, and the way of controlling the speed of the armature voltage. High-power DC control.

These applications need to be used differently according to different electrical appliances. Generally, when people use them in daily life, they can directly purchase a suitable ISO9001 Zinc Alloy Knob. It is not necessary to have a deep understanding of the internal structure. It is relatively simple.

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