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Zinc Alloy Knob Shifting This Thing Is Very Simple

Zinc Alloy Knob Shifting This Thing Is Very Simple

Pulished on Mar. 23, 2019

In fact, the Zinc Alloy Knob shifting this thing is very simple, don't think that people are very arrogant because of a round thing, in fact, in the end is the electronic bar, the electronic bar you should know? The BMW's electronic bar shape is well received.

Ordinary mechanical bar can be said that you directly operate the gearbox, and the electronic bar is that you operate the computer, then the computer performs shifting, because the computer is finally operated, and then the bar style can be changed, like The steering wheel on the steering wheel, the shifting of the paddles, and the fact that there are fewer key shifts at present, are actually electronic gears.

As I said before, because the final operation is controlled by the computer, so this model can do anything, as long as it can be connected to the computer. We should refer to the Jaguar Land Rover model when we touch the knob shift earlier. Then, you see that the Land Rover has been copied into this way. The knob shifts this so powerful thing. How can it be let go?

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