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Exquisite Zinc Alloy Knob Design A

Exquisite Zinc Alloy Knob Design A

Pulished on Mar. 25, 2019

No matter how good the product is, there will be mediocrity without the details. An excellent knob design can often be the finishing touch. This article takes the texture of the Zinc Alloy Knob, the use of the light in the knob, the design of the multi-function knob, the anti-slip texture treatment in the knob, and the lace decoration in the knob.

First, the texture is the soul of the knob

The superb knobs make the entire product look refined and enhance the quality of the entire product. The surface treatments are different, giving people a different feel. Different textured knobs convey different messages. Or technology, or classical, or gentle, or unrestrained, etc., texture is the soul of the Zinc Alloy Gas Stove Knob.

Second, the use of lighting in the knob

The use of lighting can make the product highly technical. There are hundreds of variations in the color of the light, red, blue, light blue, purple blue and so on. Each color gives a different feeling, red: vigilant, eye-catching; yellow-green: soft, warm.... better understanding of the product understanding color and all aspects of the combination to better design, find suitable products Color is crucial

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