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Why the Zinc Alloy Knob Can't Be Screwed?

Why the Zinc Alloy Knob Can't Be Screwed?

Pulished on Apr. 04, 2019

The gas stove is almost a must-have appliance for every family. It brings a lot of convenience to our life. So what should I do if the Zinc Alloy Knob does not work? Here are two solutions:

The first possibility: If your gas stove is used frequently, then the problem is simple. It is very likely that the ignition device is in the oil. You look down at the gas switch and there is no oil. You can take the Plastic Oven Rotary Switch. Clean it down, because there is a support frame for the fixed main valve below, where there will be oil stains that need to be cleaned. The toggle button is not smooth when you ignite, and you can directly ignite the first two without pressing it. It is not completely reset after your last operation. This can be very dangerous and may cause the valve of the gas stove not to be closed. Gas leakage, this can be dangerous, remember that if the gas continues to leak, it is necessary to first close the gas valve, so as not to cause unnecessary danger

The second possibility is that if your gas stove is not bought for a long time and it is not used often, it will not be used when it is used today. This situation may be caused by the knob position of the main valve of the cooker, because it is copper. And aluminum.

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