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Fox Zinc Alloy Knob

Fox Zinc Alloy Knob

Pulished on May. 28, 2019

At Fox, we saw too many differences. In order to save the falling sales, Ford worked hard on the new Focus, and the details were novel.

The biggest change is the shape design. Compared with the old model design, the new model adopts the big cell type medium net of the Mustang, and the intake grille is smaller, and the headlight shape is quite "wild horse style", which can be seen in the absorption. After the design of Aston Martin, Ford once again put the design style of the Mustang on the Fox, so the front face design, called the 90,000 small Mustang is not an exaggeration. After all, the sports-oriented Fox has released more sports genes.

Compared to the appearance, the interior changes are not small, the strong and fit hand-shaped sports steering wheel feels full, and since the 17 Fox, the steering system has become more delicate and precise, the meaning of the European car And the new Fox's setting is more expecting a lot of driving experience.

The 8AT gearbox appeared on the new Focus. The domestic double-point pressure is high. The foreign fuel standard is dragging its feet. Ford needs to optimize its products. From a global strategic point of view, the Fox 8AT is not only helpful to Fox, but also For Ford, more gears can be exchanged for high-speed and more fuel-efficient use.

Of course, not only the 8AT gearbox makes many consumers want to stop, this way of shifting the Zinc Alloy Knob, I am afraid it will also make consumers scream.

Zinc Alloy Knob