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BYD S2 Knob Shift

BYD S2 Knob Shift

Pulished on May. 31, 2019

Recently, we obtained the real car interior map of BYD S2 from relevant channels. The new car adopts a family-style design style in appearance, and the technical sense of interior is also very strong. All liquid crystal instruments and floating central control screens appear. In the car, the shifting mechanism was also changed to the Zinc Alloy Knob design.

In the exterior part, the new car continues the “Dragon Face” design element and the “Dragon Bear” chrome through the front face. The inside of the air intake grille adopts a dot matrix design. The left and right headlights are connected by a chrome strip in the center. The bar is aerodynamically designed to create a very strong sporting atmosphere.

In the interior, the color is mainly black, the center console is decorated with silver plaque, and the air conditioning vent is also very avant-garde. It is equipped with a full LCD instrument panel, a three-dimensional multi-function steering wheel, and a floating adaptive rotary pad. The lower part is a knob-type shifting mechanism, which takes into account the sense of technology and practicality.

In the size part, BYD S2 has a length, width and height of 4100mm, 1785mm, 1680mm and a wheelbase of 2535mm. In terms of configuration, the new car will provide different color rearview mirrors, panoramic sunroofs, roof racks, blackened 8-spoke rims, etc. according to different models.

Zinc Alloy Knob