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Perfect luxury T700 Knob Shift

Perfect luxury T700 Knob Shift

Pulished on Jun. 10, 2019

T700 is the original masterpiece of zotye's product "from excellent to excellent, actions speak louder than words". The reason why it is so successful is that the official summary of this car has 20 competitive advantages that highlight luxury products, which is summarized as "perfect in every way".

"Perfect luxury T700" brings customers three visible luxury: Zinc Alloy Knob shift, technology changes the latest way of driving.

Knob shift is the latest way of electronic shift, more beautiful than the shift lever, finger gently twist, hang into which gear, the indicator will light up, shift is easier and more accurate.

Those who have seen the T700 lifting and rotating gear shift will be attracted by the picture with full sense of technology: when the car start knob is slowly raised, the car turn off knob is slowly lowered, forming a plane with the center console, looking very delicate, feeling the next second, the car will be transformed. This kind of design not only improves the pretend bility of several levels for humanization, but also looks more technological and dazzling.

Zinc Alloy Knob