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Direct And Attractive Design Of Zinc Alloy Knob

Direct And Attractive Design Of Zinc Alloy Knob

Pulished on Jan. 04, 2019

The Dial input device on Surface Studio is probably the most creative attempt in the Microsoft Surface series. Anyone who picks up this huge cylinder will basically understand it as part of the "button" and as a "Zinc Alloy Gas Stove Knob". Although this is not an interactive solution for mass consumers, I believe most people just When you get started, you will love this simple, direct and attractive design.

Interestingly, without the 28-inch huge touch screen and the hinge design that supports any flat lay, Dial in the form of a Zinc Alloy Knob seems to be a very common existence, so you will find it and Surface Studio so The match.

So you see, even with the touch screen, the knob still has its value in certain modern electronic products. So after Apple Watch came out, someone immediately came up with the idea that Digital Crown will also be used on the iPhone.

This is not a fresh idea. On the BlackBerry 7230, you will see a scroll wheel for navigation on the side, which is almost the iconic design that the BlackBerry has adopted since the beginning of the century; even in the era of smartphones. There is also a very personal brand like Marshall that has launched the niche music phone London with its own volume wheel.

Zinc Alloy Knob