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Learn The Beauty Of Zinc Alloy Knob

Learn The Beauty Of Zinc Alloy Knob

Pulished on Jun. 13, 2019

I never thought such a simple Zinc Alloy Knob would make me so warm.

When drawing a house as a child, I always add a pendant lamp to the home of square box style, the place that feels to have lamp just can warm. But in reality, the temperature brought by the lamp is not experienced in reality.

Until when I got home wet and turned on the lamp, my heart was filled with something.

What is it? I think, mystery may be in this humble, slightly antique knob - type switch.

We often hear about vendors trying to do "human design," but what they understand as human design is often an awkward design. Like the so-called ergonomic keyboards and mice. There are also truly user-friendly designs, such as the much-missed iPad2. The tilt of its back margin gives it an unconventional shape, yet still evokes the desire to pick it up.

Zinc Alloy Knob