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Comprehend The Beauty Of Zinc Alloy Knob B

Comprehend The Beauty Of Zinc Alloy Knob B

Pulished on Feb. 16, 2019

Going back to this Zinc Alloy Knob, let's do an experiment in the brain - imagine this, assuming it is a normal push-down switch. At the moment you open, you won't have time to pay attention to the changes in the light and shade, and naturally miss the beauty of the process from dark to light. When I twisted the Oven Control Temperature Nickel Knob, the light gradually filled the room with my hand.

This process is my communication with the machine. I deeply feel that I am involved in this change, instead of simply opening it. Even better, its rotation is also linked to changes in light. From darkness to light, the mood is roughly the same.

The so-called humanized design can refer to those who consider the design of the human body, or it can be such a place that deeply blends human instinct. When we turn on the lights, often because the changes are too fast, we don't receive any feedback from the machine. The knob is slowed down, which is a process of this change. Recall that you have also liked or liked to lock the screen and unlock it. The process of sliding the screen is also figurative to unlock this process.

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