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Gas Stove Adjustment Damper Adjustment Method

Gas Stove Adjustment Damper Adjustment Method

Pulished on Apr. 26, 2019

Zinc Alloy Knob Supplier tell you when the gas stove appears to be ignited from fire, yellow fire, no fire in the outer ring, etc., it is necessary to adjust the damper, whether it is a dial type or a knob type, as long as it is external, the adjustment is first adjusted in one direction, if The flames have improved, please continue until the ideal, if the situation is worse, try again in the opposite direction until the ideal. Whether the damper is ideal or not, it is based on no yellow fire, no fire, and strong firepower.

The specific steps of the natural gas stove to adjust the damper, it is necessary to know that there are two obvious left and right damper adjustment rods on the damper of the natural gas stove, and there will be a "small paddle" under the gas stove to control the inner and outer dampers. Third, the pure copper inside forged gas nozzle inside the gas stove damper, the precise oxygen-filling hole, the fourth, the left and right side of the damper adjustment lever on the gas stove damper, if the flame turns yellow after the move, indicating to this While adjusting the natural gas damper is small, that is, the fire becomes smaller. In this way, when the damper of the gas stove is moved in the opposite direction, the flame will become clear. Finally, adjusting the gas stove damper to the flame adjustment to the blue flame is complete.

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