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What Is Zinc Alloy Knob?

What Is Zinc Alloy Knob?

Pulished on Oct. 24, 2018

Zinc Alloy Knob can be used to replace the rotary pulse generators of the traditional resistive potentiometer analog functions. These rotary switches are usually used in the human-machine interface of the front panel of the instrument and the audio-visual control board. The rotary switch uses a quadrature optical encoder instead of the analog potentiometer. Pure digital devices, these rotary switches are similar in appearance to conventional or resistive potentiometers, but the internal construction of these rotary switches is fully digital and uses optical technology. Similar to traditional incremental encoder products, there are two quadrature output signals (channel A and channel B) that can be directly connected to the encoder processing chip.

A ISO9001 Zinc Alloy Knob is a type of switch that controls the opening and closing of the main contact by rotating the handle. There are also two structural forms of the rotary switch, which are a unipolar unit structure and a multi-pole multi-position structure. Single-pole unit rotary switches are often used in conjunction with rotary-axis potentiometers in applications, while multi-pole, multi-position rotary switches are often used for switching of operating line.

Zinc Alloy Knob